Militiamen, Can Batlló

Barcelona, 2015

They wanted to bury us, they didn’t know we were seed!

After the previous works on militiamen and militiamen of the Civil War were carried out outside Barcelona or in the city of Barcelona, but on ephemeral walls, the artist Roc Blackblock decided to take advantage of the invitation to paint at the Artescape street festival to recover the mural templates made by the Maquis Tribute March. The marked vindictive and social character of Can Batlló became the ideal context to carry out a work of this nature.

As if it had been planned this way, the wall where the mural was made has a small parterre just below where ivy grows and climbs the mural, giving a new poetic dimension to the phrase that presides over it. A direct reference to the thousands of dead who are still buried in mass graves today without any respect or dignity. Since it was painted, the ivy has been pruned several times and each time, as it could not be otherwise, it has grown back and embraced the militiamen.