Murs de bitácola is articulated as one more actor in a multidisciplinary network of social and professional agents. It is, in itself, a multidisciplinary and flexible project, which is enriched while contributing its experience and proposals to a set of initiatives and projects that work from different areas to build common goals: memory, community, and culture.

Prime Movers

Roc Blackblock

Coordinates the Murs de bitàcola project and is the author of the murals.

He is an urban artist, graphic designer (Elisava School), illustrator (Serra i abella art school), with more than twenty years of experience in mural interventions in public space. He has carried out various projects of social nature.

Helena Julià Mullerat

Support for project management and production.

Superior technician in sociocultural animation and postgraduate in festival production. Coordination, dynamization and activities management. Vinculated to cultural and educational projects and helping on communitary projects.

Fer Alcalá

Documentation and follow-up work on the process and finished work.

Photographer specialised in urban art, collaborator, among others, of festivals and media specialised in urban art such as Brooklyn Streetart, Parees Festival, Festival Avant Garde Tudela, Difusor or Wallspot.

Duna Galup

Writting and translation of digital content and project's communication.

Students of Catalan Philology in the University of Barcelona.

Collaborators network

Jordi Guixé

Historiographic support. Coordinate joint projects with Eurom.

Researcher and doctor in Contemporary History from the Universities of Barcelona and Paris Sorbonne-Nouvelle. He is specialised in public policies of memory and in the Francoist repression against political exiles during the period of the Spanish Civil War, World War II, and the Cold War. Since 2012 he directs the European Observatory of Memories (Eurom) of the Solidarity Foundation of the University of Barcelona and is a professor at the University of Barcelona.

Núria Ricart Ulldemolins

Project manager, she develops participatory processes and coordinates joint projects with Eurom and Public Art and Memory.

Associate Teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. Doctor in Public Space and Urban Regeneration. She is the main researcher of the project "Public art and memory. Developments for the program of interventions in the network of Francoist Repression Spaces in Barcelona". She collaborates with the European Observatory of Memory (Eurom) and with the processes of citizen participation Futur Monument Presó de Dones de les Corts and Fem Nostre l’Espai de la Model. Her lines of research focus on monumentality, public art, and the modes of transmission of memory.

Andrés Antebi

Historiographic and anthropological support. Coordinates joint projects with OVQ.

Anthropologist and documentary maker. He has extensive experience in editorial, audiovisual and social research projects applied to research on festive and protest uses of the street in cities around the world. In the educational field, he works as a professor of ethnography techniques at the Pompeu Fabra University (ELISAVA School) and teaches classes on Islamic culture and public spaces at the Barcelona Provincial Council. Since 1999 he has been part of the Ethnography of Public Spaces Research Group of the Catalan Institute of Anthropology, and since 2011 of the GRECS (Research Group on Social Exclusion and Control) of the University of Barcelona. Also in the research field, he is the coordinator of the Observatory of Daily Life (OVQ).

Xènia gaya

support for project managementa la gestió i producció de projectes.

Interior designer (Elisava School), Barcelona. Specialist in management, production, and artistic direction of artistic and cultural events, she has collaborated, among others, with Sónar, Eufònic Festival, O Marisquiño, and the Festival de cine d'autor of Barcelona.

Entities Network

EUROM, The European Observatory on Memories

Works for the analysis and promotion of historical memory policies. It aims to reflect on the recent history of the struggle for democracy and freedom in Europe, defending the plurality of memories.

OVQ, Observatory of the Quotidian Life

A multidisciplinary organisation that works on the research and creation of content around the dynamics of contemporary social life from the perspective of social and historiographical anthropology.His proposals for research and content creation materialise, among other things, in exhibitions, monographic dossiers, editorial content or the creation of community web archives and documentary collections.

Montana Colors, Cultura

Company specialised in products for graffiti and urban art, which also supports creators and collaborates in different areas of action such as support for the arts, awareness of the need to take care of the environment, fauna and flora, in the search for equality from a gender perspective, in social justice, in the field of education, active leisure, social health, or through actions and projects in the area of the RSC.